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Closet Design Systems

Options, options… We offer both En Suite Systems (floor built) and Floating Systems (wall mounted). Or, if you prefer, a combination of both.

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Customize to your heart’s content! Our TFL, wood veneer and solid hardwood materials come in a stunning array of textures and finishes.

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Closet Accessories

Ready for the finishing touch? Our design team will help you select the jewelry trays, rods and accessories that make a custom closet truly unique.

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En Suite Systems (Floor Built)

En Suite Systems extend to the floor and are finished with bottom shelves and toe kicks for a fully built-in appearance. These systems can be further upgraded with custom wrapped base moldings, flutes and columns, and your choice of wrapped crown molding.

Floating Systems (Wall Mounted)

Floating Systems offer a very clean, minimalist look. These custom closet design systems are supported by a small track that secures the unit to the wall. An eight foot section will hold 1200 lbs.!